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Buying the best mandolin


Are you planning to buy the best mandolin? Then you have currently arrived at exactly the right place. At Kitchen Royal, we have done our best to bring you the ultimate mandolins. Products that meet all the requirements that you can have with regard to a mandolin.

To add to that, we are also happy to provide you with all the related, relevant information about the mandolin.

What is a mandolin?

For starters, let's throw in the term itself. After all, what exactly does a mandolin mean?

By the name mandolin we refer to the rectangular kitchen utensil that makes it possible to cut thin slices of vegetables, for example. In fact, this type of product normally consists of a large surface with one or more straight or angled blades. In addition, it is also possible to cut sticks or strings with it.

The benefits of the best mandolin

That the mandolin is such a popular form of kitchen tool is no accident. Countless people worldwide have benefited immensely from this invention. For example, there are some obvious benefits directly associated with the purchase of this product. Consider, for example:

  • You save time: With a mandolin, cutting vegetables is many times faster. Imagine how long it actually takes to cut an onion or a cucumber, for example. With a mandolin, this is done within seconds. The construction of this kitchen tool is so cleverly designed that you save an enormous amount of time, especially with larger quantities.

  • You prevent accidents: An added benefit is that you are going to avoid a lot of accidents in the kitchen. We've all had accidents when cutting vegetables or fruits. Especially when you need very thin slices of something. With a mandolin, this will be a thing of the past from now on. It is almost impossible to sustain a (minor) injury when you are cutting with it.

  • Much thinner cutting possible: One advantage that may not be obvious, but does work out tremendously well; with a mandolin it is possible to cut much thinner slices than with a knife. When you go to work manually with a knife, it's virtually impossible to cut dead straight and super thin through a piece of vegetable. A mandolin, on the other hand, is designed to do exactly that. Thus, you will always have access to slices or pieces of the right size.

  • Usable in multiple ways: Finally, the modern mandolin can be used in countless ways. For example, not only for vegetables, but also for fruits. And as we mentioned earlier; you can grate, julienne or even create small pieces with it.

So with that, you have plenty of reasons to give the mandolin a chance. Especially when you have the option of choosing one of Kitchen Royal's professional, high-quality and specially designed mandolins!

What to consider when buying a mandolin?

Despite all the benefits mentioned above, it is not convenient to blindly buy just the first best product. Even with a mandolin, you would do well to check whether the following points have been taken into account:

  • Best material: A mandolin can be made of different materials. Generally, the best designs consist of a combination of plastic and stainless steel. As is the case with Kitchen Royal's range, for example. However, there are also those that go for a different composition in terms of material. So be sure to keep an eye on this prior to your purchase.

  • Manual vs electric: In addition, you have the manual versus the electric options. In the case of a mandolin, it is fundamentally unnecessary to choose an electric one. In fact, these tend to be unnecessarily large, require recharging and provide less control over the specific cut.

  • Multiple possibilities: Furthermore, it is quite convenient to have several options with your mandolin. By this we mean, among other things, the ability to cut pieces of fruits and vegetables of different sizes and shapes. When choosing your product, pay close attention to whether this is the case.

  • Adaptability: Finally, the degree of customizability deserves some attention. That is; how easy it is to adjust the design of the mandolin. For example, when you want to switch from julienne slicing to cutting regular slices. The easier this is and the fewer separate parts you have to use, the greater the ease of use.

With that, you are now really aware of all relevant information regarding buying the best mandolin. Grab our assortment and choose your favorite product now!

FAQ: Buy Mandolin

As specialists in mandolins, we often receive many questions about this type of product. That is why we hereby answer some frequently asked questions for you:

What do you cut with a mandolin?

With a mandoline, it is possible to cut a lot of different foods. Most people use this type of product to cut vegetables or fruits. From potatoes for making French fries to cucumber for a salad. It's all possible!

Is a mandolin handy?

In general, people consider the mandolin an extremely useful kitchen tool. Especially since cooking often requires cutting quite a few vegetables and fruits. With a mandoline, you save a lot of time in this area every time. Since this type of product lasts for years, you will also continue to benefit from it for a very long time.

How much does a mandolin cost?

The mandolin is already available as cheaply as for about 10 euros. However, the problem with those products is that they often do not last long and are very clumsy to use. For an ultra-handy, durable and multi-functional mandoline you're heading towards €50. Check out Kitchen Royal's range now for the best value for money!

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Apple galette with the mandolin

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